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We are a healthcare software solutions and neuro-spectrum differentiation company that strives to increase diagnostic accuracy in epilepsy, standardize care and screening practices, and improve the quality of life for epilepsy patients.

Epilepsy – Overlooked & Underfunded Globally

Epilepsy is a neurologic disorder causing uncontrollable seizure episodes. Over 65 million people live with the condition, and there are 62 different epilepsy syndromes. Timely and accurate information is critical for correctly diagnosing epilepsy. Effective management and treatment can help patients to take control of their lives.

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Diagnosing epilepsy is a long journey with many wrong turns and misdirections. Patients can undergo months of testing and still have unanswered questions. This results in patients waiting for 18 months to see a specialist and enduring a treatment gap of 5 or more years.

Our Solution

EpiFinder provides a screening and diagnostic tool to assist in distinguishing between the 62 specific types of epilepsy. We also offer a behavioral self-management tool to improve patient compliance in treatment through the use of interactive features and ease of use.


Screening Tool

EpiFinder’s Clinical Screening Tool collects symptoms and maps it to our evidence-based algorithm, which provides the most likely differential diagnoses of epilepsy and decreases the rate of misdiagnosis.

prescreening, diagnosis support, and surgical identification
treatment compliance and trial identification

Behavioral Self-

Management Tool

EpiFinder’s Behavioral Self-Management Tool helps patients document their seizures, medications, and daily lifestyle activities to help doctor interpretation and improve diagnostic accuracy.

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What People Say About Us

“EpiFinder helps doctors get to the right epilepsy diagnosis. This is a powerful application to really help doctors and other healthcare professionals (NPs, PAs) to get to the diagnosis and help improve the lives of the people.”

Dr. Joseph Sirven, Neurologist at the Mayo Clinic and Editor-in-chief of Epilepsy.com
“An incredible tool! Something that I hope is utilized world wide. Can absolutely benefit the field of epilepsy and create simplicity in identifying specific seizure types.
“Interesting new technology for quicker and better outcomes.”
ASET Attendees
“Very innovative technology and extremely important to patients that have been misdiagnosed for too long.  Fascinating.”
“Interesting approach to diagnosing a very often misdiagnosed disease. “
ASET Attendees
“Revolutionary! Patient centered, brilliant, grounded and entertaining!”
“Very interesting topic with a lot of potential.”
ASET Attendees

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